About Us


Hi! I'm Ian, and I'm the founder of My Buggy My Car.

I'm a Project Manager by occupation, but also have the proud job of being a father to our two children!


When my wife passed her driving test, she was 4 months pregnant with our first child.  As we were looking for a car for her, we were also thinking about buying a buggy which meant we were also wondering whether it would fit in the cars that we were test-driving.  Ever a believer in Internet searching, I thought there must be a website that would help us find the details we needed - namely the size of car boots and which buggies would fit in them... It seemed I was wrong!

So I created the first iteration of this site - EveryLastInch.com - which I slowly developed over 3 years as a hobby website.  As time went on, I came to believe that a site like this could be of real use to parents and parents-to-be and started to think about how I could make it more usable and accessible.  I approached a friend at a local car dealership to arrange collecting some car data, and they suggested that it might be worth a rebrand... and so My Buggy My Car was born!

I believe this is the first website to help parents and parents-to-be, easily find out which buggies or travel systems will fit in their cars.

I've spent a lot of time researching and gathering the information to make this site useful, and I hope the Search Tools are useful to you.  There may be gaps though, and I'd be grateful for any help improving the site for other parents, so if you do spot an error or find data is missing, please get in touch to let me know!  My hope is that as more parents and parents-to-be use the site, the better and more accurate the site data will become!

I hope you find My Buggy My Car useful!

-- Ian