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Thank you for visiting! Please note that buggy's and car information used on this site has been gathered form models available for sale in the UK. It is possible that models sold in other countries will have different dimensions to those in the UK and so we urge caution before purchasing a buggy.

Try use our manual search to enter your boot dimensions in order to confirm that your buggy will fit.


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Here you'll find a list of the most common questions I've been asked when setting up and launching this site.

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Which way round do I put the buggy into the boot?

Simply - any way it fits! But to help, the results on this site will include any buggy or travel system that can fit in the boot space; horizontally, vertically or on its side.

So, if a buggy will fit vertically, but not horizontally, the buggy will still appear in the search results.

Is the buggy and travel system information accurate?

We hope so! All Buggy and Travel System sizing information is provided directly from the brands, manufactuers and retailers.

NOTE: The dimension data we use is based on the folded dimensions as provided by the brands, manufactuers and retailers.  In some instances, it may be possible that a buggy or travel system could be made smaller than indicated as we don't make allowance (currently!) for the removal of any detachable components - our dimension information assumes the wheels and handles are attached.

I'm interested in a buggy or travel system that you don't seem to have listed. What can I do?

We've tried to capture as much information across the market as we can, but we know there may be some gaps! If you have details about a specific buggy, or would like us to find information about a buggy brand please contact us here (please select "Other" as the Subject if we're missing deails about a buggy!)

Can I help improve this site and help other parents?

Yes! You Can!

You can help by adding size details about your car. Select Contact Us then select your Car Make, Model and Year, include a message with your boot dimensions and press the Submit button! We'll do the rest!

You can also help by letting us know of any buggy or travel system information that isn't quite right. You can do that by filling in the form here

I've spotted an error in some buggy information. How can I let you know?

You can let us know details about any buggy or travel system information that isn't quite right. You can do that by filling in the form here

How accurate are the sizes for the car boot dimensions?


All car boot information has all been collected manually.  We have taken our tape measures (actually, we use laser measures accurate to about 1.5mm) out to visit car showrooms and dealerships to gather all the data.  As such, we've got a good certainty that the measurements are accurate.

It's important to remember that car boots aren't perfect square boxes, and neither are buggies or travel systems. The measurements of the car boots involve an element of subjectivity as we meausre what we believe to be the narrowest, but usable points of a boot.

It has not been possible to check that every buggy will fit in every car.  For this reason, the information on this site should only be used as a guide. You should double check your car measurements before purchasing a buggy. We cannot be held accountable if you purchase a buggy and it doesn't fit your in your car boot!

But you can help improve the accuracy of the site! Please submit your car measurements here if you've found an error or some details we don't have!

The information on this site suggests my chosen buggy will fit in my car. What should I do before purchasing the buggy?

We're delighted the site has been of use.  If you've found a buggy that fits, then you may like to compare prices by using our Price Comparison tool.

Before purchasing a buggy we strongly encourage you to measure your own car boot and satisfy yourself that your buggy will fit. Many shops will let you try a buggy in your car before purchasing and we'd encourage you to do this.