There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to buying a pushchair and whilst this may seem like a daunting challenge, at My Buggy My Car we like to simply the pushchair jargon to help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

What is the difference between pram and pushchairs?

The words ‘pram’ and ‘pushchair’ are often considered different terms for the same thing but a pram offers a lie-down position whilst a pushchair offers a seated position.

Our Buggy 101 guide goes into more detail on the differences.

What is a pushchair?

A pushchair is ideal for older babies at around 6 months. A good way to judge if a baby is ready for a pushchair is if they are able to sit up unaided. A pushchair generally offers the option for the baby to be forward-facing too and in this position, it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘buggy’ which is another term that is used interchangeably.

If you’re looking for a pushchair for your little one, here’s our Top 10 Popular Pushchairs for 2021 for you to consider.

Babystyle, Oyster 3

What is a pram?

A pram is for a newborn baby and offers a modern take on the traditional baby carriage whereby the baby lies flat. A flat position is advised for newborn babies to aid with lung and spinal development.

Here’s Our Top Prams, Pushchairs and Travel Systems for Newborns.

Mamas & Papas, Occaro, Navy

What is a stroller?

A stroller is an American term that is used to describe a lightweight version of a pushchair that is generally more compact and is designed for older babies or toddlers.

Strollers are a great option for holidays as they are lighter and more compact than most pushchairs.

Here’s Our Top Lightweight Buggies for 2021 for you to consider. You may also like to check out The 5 Best Buggies to take on an Aeroplane.

Bugaboo, Ant, Pink Melange

Will the buggy fit in my car?

Our online tool will tell you whether your Buggy should fit in your Car Boot and in what position or orientation it will fit, find out here.

What is a double pushchair?

A double pushchair is designed to transport two children simultaneously, whether that be twins or a baby and a toddler. There are two different types of double pushchairs; a tandem where one child sits behind the other, or a side by side.

The biggest difference between the two is the width. A tandem pushchair allows for easier manoeuvrability through doorways and on public transport. The evolution of the single to double pushchair means that a pushchair can grow with your family.

Here’s our pick of The Best Double Buggies for Babies and Toddlers.

My Babiie, Dreamiie by Samantha Faiers MB22 Twin Stroller

What is a travel system?

A travel system consists of a pushchair frame, upon which other parts can easily be fitted. These parts include carrycot, seat unit and a rear-facing car seat and are purchased together as a package which often makes a travel system good value for money.

Here’s Our Top 5 Favourite Travel Systems for you to consider.

CBX, Leotie Lux Stroller, Aton Infant Carrier & ISOFIX Base Bundle

What is a three-wheel pushchair?

Three-wheel pushchairs are designed to travel on all types of ground. The two wheels at the back provide stability whilst the front wheel provide manoeuvrability. These wheels are generally large and robust and ideally will be removable to allow for easy cleaning after a muddy trek!

If you enjoy getting off the beaten track with your little one, here’s Our Top 5 All Terrain Pushchairs.

Mountain Buggy, Urban Jungle (Luxury Collection), Nautical

Pushchair buying tips…

  • Check how heavy it is: A lightweight buggy can make life easier for getting on and off public transport or carrying it up a flight of stairs.
  • Make sure it will fit in your car boot: Our online tool  will tell you whether your Buggy should fit in your Car Boot and in what position or orientation it will fit.
  • An older design might save you money: Pushchairs are subject to fashion. Patterns, designs and materials regularly change, so last season’s designs can often be found cheaper.
  • Check what’s included in the price: You can only make meaningful price comparisons once you know what accessories are included. For instance, you might need to pay separately for a rain cover and some travel-system pushchairs charge extra for car-seat adaptors.
  • Don’t pay more than you need to: Use our online price comparison tool to check out the latest prices from many online and high street retailers.
  • Plan ahead: If you’re thinking of having more children in the future, opt for a single-to-double convertible pushchair, which will allow you to easily change it from a single into a double buggy.

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